September 3-7, 2019, Moscow
Gurtam IoT-zone on the largest exhibition of commercial vehicles in Russia

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Crocus Expo
Pavilion 3, Hall 14, Booth 14-220
Top market players at Gurtam booth
From 1997 the company has been working in the area of connected technologies. Nowadays, it is a recognized expert in IoT sphere. Quarta Technologies is the producer of IQFreeze* adapters-recorders – from iQFreeze R temperature recorder to the universal iQFreeze Pro adapter-recorder. iQFreeze* integration into the systems of refrigerator trailers monitoring increases the safety of time- and temp-sensitive products transportation and significantly reduces the fleet maintenance costs
Global Position handles the integration of vehicles monitoring systems and CCTV monitoring as well as Mobileye ADAS system. The company is distinguished by a decade-long integration experience, utilization of cutting-edge telematics equipment in its projects, and flexible monetary policy. Global Position tops the Gurtam partner rating as the company having the largest number of the units connected to Wialon in the world from June 2017 to May 2018
Geoservice offers satellite monitoring, fuel, and driving behavior control. The company provides all-in-one solutions for vehicle fleets, offers its own developments for tire condition control, and integration with accounting systems and fuel operators. Based on flespi, an interface for a safe driving monitoring system was developed. What is more, Geoservice created a chatbot to help its clients receive up-to-date information about the fleet condition
One of the biggest nationwide providers of telematics services in Russia. Avantern telematics implements the latest solutions in the sphere of GPS monitoring, fleet and other mobile assets management. The company was founded in 2004. Since that time it established a wide partner network in 200 Russian cities. Their monitoring center works 24/7
The Russian manufacturer of the satellite monitoring hardware. The company focuses on the development of reliable equipment that is resistant to damage. Mielta's flagship products, Mielta M7 satellite terminal and the fuel level sensor Mielta Zond are notable for their impact-resistant housing, the newest components used, versatility, and competitive price
Galileosky is a Russian satellite monitoring hardware manufacturer, popular with domestic and European market players. Since 2008, the company elaborated a considerable partner network of professional integrators. Galileosky equipment is installed in more than 700,000 vehicles in 30 countries. The company delivers its products to Europe, North and East Africa, and Latin America
The Russian group of companies that develops and produces checking equipment for GPS transport monitoring. The wide functionality of their products helps to effectively manage the fleet of motor vehicles. Escort offers the solutions dealing with fuel consumption control as well as construction, agricultural, road, and municipal machinery control. The company delivers its equipment in more than 60 countries of the world
The Russian manufacturer of satellite equipment for fleet monitoring. Navtelecom produces reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable GLONASS/GPS trackers that allow solving all current tasks of the transport monitoring market. The equipment is used for vehicle tracking, stationary assets security providing, and the "smart city" system functioning
Ivan Glonassov company was founded in 2012. Its goal is the development of the projects in the sphere of intelligent transport systems, vehicles and staff monitoring. The company is the largest distributor of the GPS tracking equipment for the broadest range of applications from basic monitoring to multilevel accounting systems tracking. In 2019, the company opened their representative office in Kazakhstan
Iridium is a satellite communications company that offers voice and data connectivity anywhere in the world. Powered by a uniquely sophisticated global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, the Iridium® network provides high-quality voice and data connections over the planet's entire surface, including across oceans, airways and polar regions
Wialon-service offers solutions for transport monitoring businesses. For 10 years, the company has become an industry leader in the region. Its fast-growing dealer network provides the opportunity to install telematics equipment almost anywhere within Russia. Long-term experience of operating in the area of monitoring systems integration allows delivering projects for companies from various sectors as well as integrating Wialon with third-party systems
Tetron is the system integrator specializing in fleet management. The company helps cut operational costs, enhance fleet efficiency, and ensure transport security. The experience of managing the 12,000 vehicles fleet as well as implementing the latest developments in the sphere of transport monitoring allows Tetron to ensure high-quality services for its clients
Technoton is the international group of companies operating on the transport monitoring and fuel control market since 2000. Its products are being shipped in 140 countries. Technoton solutions help increase the transparency of equipment operation and optimize fuel and maintenance costs for different fleets: agricultural and construction, water and railway, freight trucks and buses
Teltonika is the leading European manufacturer of satellite monitoring equipment and network-based solutions. In 2018, the company sold over 1,200,000 GPS devices worldwide. Innovations will always remain the priority for Teltonika. The company uses the technologies of connected vehicles, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, cloud services, and much more
Satellite Solutions is the leading manufacturer of navigation GLONASS/GPS hardware in Russia and the CIS countries. The company uses the latest technologies and the long experience of its developers which allows achieving a high level of reliability for the entire products range. Satellite Solutions developments solve problems in the area of vehicle monitoring both for privately-owned businesses and government projects
The company's major priority is the development of innovative technologies and hardware-software solutions. Alongside with the mobile and stationary units monitoring, Ladiya Telematics offers one-of-a-kind solutions for business processes remote control at the enterprises in various areas: mining, agriculture, motor vehicles, and special-purpose machinery
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